Common questions you might ask.

Why Sunflowerapps.eu instead of Sunflowerapps.com

We switch to sunflowerapps.eu. Please note that the previous email address is not reachable any more. Contact us using the new email address: info@sunflowerapps.eu

Which features does the new app have?

The new application features Search, Newspapers Update, Offline Downloading, Reordering Papers and Sections, Automatic Subscription for removing Advertisements and Offline Downloading.

How often do you update the newspapers?

We use the app ourselves to keep up to date to the news, we update the newspapers when the links are broken, or newspapers change their RSS's urls. In case you discover that a newspaper has a broken section or not loading, please let us know via: info@sunflowerapps.eu. We will update them as soon as possible.

Subscription length and cancellation

We enable 1-month automatic charge for advance features such as Offline Downloading newspapers (including all sections and blogs). Subscription also removes advertisements across the app.

Is my previous Premium valid?

Unfortunately we also lost the accounts database that associates the Premium subscription. In order to use the new app, you have to subscribe to the newer version.

Not see here what you're finding?

Let us know your question info@sunflowerapps.eu. We'll get in touch quickly. Thanks.

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